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"I have had Crohns for 12 years...I suffer from daily stomach cramps and pain. Thursday night I had my 1st rain drop massage. I have gone 2 days with no cramping and pain. May not seem a lot of time but after 12 years 2 days is amazing!! I will now be adding a treatment 1 a month to my treatment plan!' Thanks so much Carol ❤️"

Maureen Reierson-Swain Program Coordinator YAIL HARBOR INC.

Title or Position: Retired

Company: CaseIh

Testimonial: I recently developed sciatica and hurt like I never imagined !!

I tried lots of stretching recommended online. It was helping a tiny bit.

A friend recommended Reflexology suggesting it may help.

I made an appointment with Carol at “Heart and Soul” and was booked in quickly. I had an hour treatment and felt surprisingly relieved compared to before the appointment. With some suggested stretching, I was in much less pain. The most painful thing was driving I found, almost unbearable. I could not find a comfortable position to sit at all.

After two more treatments a week apart, I was going days without pain. I had a fourth treatment and basically have no symptoms anymore. This has been over a five week period and I would certainly recommend Reflexology to anyone that may have sciatica and are suffering.

Thank you so much Carol !!!


Thanks! Darel

Darel Kawa  Retired  Case IH

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